All Kinds Of Music


Having thought of setting up a U3A music appreciation group I had done nothing about it until I met a local ‘music lover’ whom we shall call Melissa. ‘Yes, indeed’, she said, ‘I’d love to join a music group … providing of course we listen to good music.’


Good music, I asked, what might that be?  ‘Well, you must surely know what good music is’, she sniffed, ‘Classical Music! Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert. No jazz, no pop stuff, no modern rubbish … Come now, we all know what good music is!’


In one fell swoop Melissa had provided me with rationale, content and philosophy. I would indeed set up a group which would listen to Classical Music …. AND to jazz, to pop, and, yes, to modern ‘rubbish’!


We would listen, consider and talk.

We would share views, discuss and analyse our reactions, and sometimes disagree.

We would be delighted, invigorated, inspired, moved, disgusted and frustrated.

We would rejoice in musical diversity.

High art, low art, fast and slow art, hack music, black music.

Like it or lump it music.

All Kinds of Music in fact, Melissa.

And so it is. Melissa came, but only once

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